Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day Off

A Saturday Off! OMG Finally, was it just to stay home and relax? of Course not! Jayden needed to get bloodwork. Go figure they dont take the bood out in the Dr.s office instead they send me to lab corp. and  i have to sit around and wait for over an Hour. Littla man is so brave he did not shed one single tear or even twitch when they stuck him... Bless his little heart cuz I for damn sure would have screamed. Well after we finished that, I still needed to hit upf the stores to got Bathing suit shopping.. Oh God Have I let myself go. My legs an dthighs.. Yuck! and thats just the begining my mid section is a whole other story.

Bathing Suit One! My FAVE! One down fall the breast area boobs looked all Janky because there was just too much extra room in there lol like wtf, still looked good and not that noticable but still I like it... Bathing Suit 2 Loved it except again the Boobs it pushed down on my tits wtf but in its defense i think it was smaller than number 1, and now Number 3 fit good but made my shape look weird because of the way the back was, or maybe the way i was standing pluss i really dont like blue. I went with number 2 and well am going back for number 1 number 3 you are SOL

excuse my ginormous "Thunder Thighs" LMAO...
For the rest of our Day.... Pool time!!! WooHoo No there were no tears at the doctors but at the Pool OMG youd a thought we was tryna kill this lil nigga! Might have been cuz he woke up at 6:30 and we went around 1 pm to the pool and he was just tired (god I hope thats The case!) but he ended up enjoying himself!
Jayden and daddy Under water... Jayden thinks this is hilarious!

My little whiner!

God Only knows

Tryna jump in

I know I know you wanna go jump in

Lol I dunno who looks funnier me or jayden... Probably me I look like a flippin blowfish!

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