Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Employee Of The Month!

Todays News...
Yours Truly, Got awarded Employee of The Month Today for the Month of June! Yup Yup thats Right, I GOT EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! 
2 Months at the New Job and I got voted Employee of The Month! I was a Little Excited.
But..... Cocky/ Confident ole me Sorta Expected it! I mean DAMN RIGHT! I should Get it I've been working My ass off, Been friendly to all ( for the Most Part) and gotta Be there at 8am??? Hell yea I deserved it! 
What do I get? 1 Paid day off so Basically 8 Hours off Woohoo! Oh And My Picture on the Employee Of the Month Wall. **** Also add a Cash Bonus in Augusts PayCheck WooHoo***

Onto Other News!
Planning our Vacation.. What do We Plan to do?!? I have No flippin idea! Ugh Its so Exhausting having to plan things out! Between Cancun, Puerto Rico, and Our Caribbean Cruise, I have No Idea What To Plan for the Rest of this Summer, a Tubing Trip, A beach Getaway, The Lake, and Maybe A Fishing Trip. Thats all Plans we Have. Now For the Mr.s Birthday/Labor Day Weekend. No Idea. Maybe The Outer Banks!

Ending News!
Pay days Friday and You know what That means... Some Shopping, Mani, Pedi, some Waxing, and Oh yea momma needs A new Do.. So With time allowing Hitting Up the hair Salon... Oh and The pool for some Much needed Tanning! Oh Yes I love Pay days!

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