Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing For the Worst and Hoping for the Best!!

    Earthquake 8/23/11
 Tuesday Afternoon... Just Chillin at work after my lunch; Making My Usual Calls, Getting just enough work done so that I don't get caught Slacking lol! I was Leaning Back in My Chair Listening to the Phone ring with my feet propped up on the wall.... Then I start Feeling The shaking, at first I thought Some one next door had fallen over! I mean we are on the first floor so how could there be that much movement on the groud floor from some one falling over and since it was all happening so fast it took a while to realize what was in fact happening.
    My computers shaking My Employee of the month Frame is about to fall and it was not until I placed both feet on the ground and felt the shaking and trembling that I realized OMG Its an earthquake! It  wasn't until some one had shouted it out, that it really hit me! lights were flickering and about half the office turns to look out the windows! I dont know what we were looking for maybe we were Looking for some sort of sign of wind or explanation to all of this, Less than 45 seconds for all of it to happen and not enough time to process that we had in fact just experienced an earthquake!
    We were evacuated property manager had no idea what to tell us because In VA we don't Usually Experience anything of this nature. My work Contacts in MD also felt it and emailed me on it as well as family in friends in NY, MASS, NC, VA beach,  and as exciting as it might be to have experienced it and still be safe the fact that NO ONE was prepared for it since no one expected it is worrisome! My Cell Phone carrier was down for over 2 hours for a shake! had it been a bad natural disaster OMG its great to know I would have no contact with the Daycare, husband or family!
   We have experience atleast 2 aftershocks The only Two we were able to feel  was the first one on that same day (8/23/11) at around 8pm that night and the 2nd one Thursday(8/25/11) at about 1am wich was worse than the first So glad that that was all we felt because Reports have said there has been atleast 4 others.

   Nonetheless we are now being threatened with Hurricane Irene, Now this Whore Is coming and well seeing how unprepared VA and other states affected by the earthquake were They are not taking chances... ALthough we might just get a hella lot of Rain, and nothing More, Being prepared is never wrong. Water, Food, Flash Lights, batteries, Ice and a gas operated mini stove! Our Whole APT is  Electric. If we were powerless for even a day.. Our Child would annoy us beyond all means, but with that being the Minor problem.. How do you tell a 2 year old that theres no Power so he cant have warn food or Milk?!? Really??  Its Not Possible. As an Adult  I can eat and snack on fruits and chips and what ever but for a picky 2 year old who loves milk and warm foods this wont go well maybe for a day but worst comes to worst being without power for more than 1 day oh no.... So We will be over prepared rather than under prepared!

Snow Storm
   Last Years Snow Storm and blizzards Paralyzed us, Cars could not get out power was out in certain areas, luckily our biggest problem was no heat!  we were prepared with water milk and food but the heater kept breaking down on us, atleast there was a solution keeping warm stayin in the 3rd floor bedroom, No biggie.

Hope for the Best
   In the mean time I am just hoping that Irene does minimal damage to any areas she approches and that she just passes through and goes on her merry way!  We should be getting visited by her some time today and on through tomorrow, So Will continue to pray for the areas that have already been visited and  hoping that nothing too severe happened and praying for those are with Irene now.

Prayer for The Day
   "Lord, I trust in You and refuse to be afraid of anything. You are my salvation and my strength. You are the song that rises in my heart. You have saved me from the hand of the enemy and have given me the power to resist his attacks against my life. Deliver me from the enemy today and every day in the future. I put my life in Your hands and determine th rest in the peace You have for me."

   "Behold, God is my Salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; for YAH, the Lord, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation." -Isaiah 12:2

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