Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Selfish Day, Irene, and a much needed VACAY!!

   A lovely Rainy afternoon as Irene passed us by, Just The Mr and I doing Lunch at our new Favorite place, while Little man went on a play date, then Home and as little man took a nap The Mr. and I cuddled on the Living room couch and Watched a horror Movie, I will honsetly say It felt great to be selfish! WE NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT LITTLE MAN! We schedule our life around him if its nap time we stay in if hes cranky we just don't go ITS AL BOUT JAYDEN! Well Yesterday we decided we would drop him off and enjoy a Whinyless afternoon lunch and then take him home extra tired to nap through our Movie! I LOVED IT... Def planning another selfish day for the 2 of us!

   Hurricane Irene Has passed VA and left us all Safe, with a few Fallen trees,  hours without power,  and strong winds, Irene was not as bad as we expected. With the exception of the ones who died due to trees falling.  VA Beach Got hit as well as Norfolk, Basically Hampton roads got it worse than we did,  Fallschurch lost power so Work today did not open until noon since the power was out.
   Our Irene Experience... RAINY that is what I would describe it as the winds Up where we live were not strong and we have definately experienced stronger winds and harder rains during a noral thunder storm not to ention on any trip to Puerto Rico! I am not sure we were well prepared for her any ways Food Water and candles thats about it oh and gas Lol Gotta have the car. Well Thanks for the Visit Irene... and thanks for not doing any Major Damage to our Home area!

   We are taking our 10 day Vacay starting Friday (9/2/11) Ugh SOme Much Needed Vacation Time!  We will celebrate the Mr.'s birthday do some shopping get some sun, Oh those sweet 10 days, Minus the 2 days that I will work ( Grandmamas Restaurant so I kinda have to but its 1 day a week so why not) VACATION here we come!



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