Sunday, August 7, 2011

SpongeBob Themed Birthday Party

My Cousin Had  birthday party Which had Spongebob as his theme! Had it Been Me I would have made the Whole Outside look like Bikini Bottom, but my aunt I guess after Having 5 kids, just getting in a Party is good enough lol. Well of course going with the Theme I decided I'd make Some Spongebob Square Pants Cupcakes, Patrick Star Cookies and of Course the spongebob Themed cake.
The Cupcakes... FAIL!  Didn't even attempt it! I mean with everything else I had to do this week AND having to comfort my sick 2.5 year old the only free time I found was on Saturday, and that was AFTER spending all morning cleaning, and grocery shopping so Im glad I got what I got done.
The Cookies... PASS... with a B! Lol not my best work but they did come complete with pink frosting green fondant pants and even the purple flower on them. Working with Fondant is alot more annoying than working with regular butter cream or whipped topping or even regular frosting lol

Cake.. PASS! and Delicious I might add! I enjoyed the cookies without the Fondant but that was for decoration and well the cake was all whipped topping sooooo DELISH we saw it in a Book and well I liked it and it was simple enough.