Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well Its Been a While... After EOM And all these ehctic work days I just Havn't Found Much "WANT" to  blog or even do anything besides Relax, and thats hard to do with a House to Take care of and a 2 year old to keep Busy.

Pool Trips, Parks, Birthday Parties, All The Fun Stuff Of Summer... I AM SOOO READY FOR THIS MESS TO BE OVER!!  Fall Hurry Up I want Your Pretty leaves chilly days and Orange Pumpkins.

As If getting Sick isnt Bad Enough, Little Man Ends up with a nasty looking Disease WTF! I switched His Daycare cuz Getting Sick every Other week (literally)  Well 4 weeks since I switched Him and Nothing Thank The Lord. She Is Great with him, Very sweet and Of Course Family.. Well My Cousins MIL and has a In Home Daycare So of course I trust her. Any ways This week he starts acting up getting Cranky and Then I hear One Kid Ends up with Herpangina Im like Uh Oh and the next day I keep Little man Home for acting Sick I conclude its His Ear and could Possible be Herpangina... or Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) so I take Him in To Kaisers Urgent Care center and Of Course they Confirm his ear Infection, and I insist that she checks his mouth she barely opened t but did notice the 1 blister on the outside of his mouth one on each hand and 1 on 1 foot and said no hes fine! Sure as hell The next morning I start Noticing hes getting more, DC took  him anyways and would keep an eye on him and all the other kids to make sure no one is coming up with that one babies symptoms she says hes fine she sees nothing so Im thinking Im nuts But when Hubs Picks me up from work and I take one look at my baby boy OMG WTF HAPPEND TO MY PRINCE! ok... She said he was fine... Maybe she was Just being Nice But geez! I ended up keeping Him home AGAIN today went to the mall But No play area for him since i did not want to risk getting any other kids sick but did make a trip to the disney store. He has a mouth Full of Blisters and sores inside and Out 2 handfuls of blisters and a few on the soles of his feet My poor Boy!

Bigger News.. Lol can't Be revealed yet Lol, I wish But Sometimes Gotta Learn when to hold on to Info! All I can Say is A celebration was in Order! Woohoo! and Of Course Bigger Money Coming in September! Woohoo!

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