Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/10/11! 9 days of Vacay!

9 days of Vacay!

   So Our Vacation Turned into a week and a half of Time off! Paid Time off nonetheless! Our Original plans Failed our back up Failed now Staying Home and Blowing Money that was a PASS!
   We were unable to take a trip  as Originally Planned because of the weather conditions, I am not about to Blow Money on Plane tickets to be stuck in the rain! Sorry Not Happening, Now Our back up Plans and reservations to the Beach were canceled due to the rain  and the weather conditions, so we spent our vaction at Home and out and about spending money, eating out, shopping, and spoiling ourselves... I mean we were planning on spending the money anyways right?? Lets just say our Vacation Savings has been damn nearly wiped out.  It wasn't all that much in that account But still We still have 2 vacation days left!

   Day 1- A doctors appointment where I bitched out the doctor for Hippa Violation by his staff since it is his Practice! Went Shopping for some new Clothes, and a New laptop Charger for the Mr. and Mommy gave in and bought little man some stupid little car thing he wanted that cost more than mommy would have liked!

   Day 2- Technically I worked 5 hours But Its not really work when all I do is sit there for the most part and supervise ( help out once a week at my grandmas place)

Birthday Cake
   Day 3- It was My Mr.'s 24th Birthday so I spent the day cleaning  Decorating and Cooking, at least the afternoon part of the day our Morning consisted of a trip to Toys R us Because The Mr decided he wanted to blow a good chunk of his Birthday money to Spoil His Little man, Then we had Hibachi for Lunch. Had Family and Friends over to celebrate very small get together but definately Worth it!

  Day 4- Went to the DMV at the Mall killed 2 birds with 1 stone. As I waited at the DMV to get my tags renewed Hubs and Bubs went to the kids Play area where My child Kicked some other kids ass and was removed ( by the mr) from the play area... I on the other hand thought the kid should grow some balls and Hit Back but Oh well... Thats just me being Violent. After that we headed Window Shopping for the Most Part, with the exception with the Mr. Itching to blow his birthday money at Gamestop... Really?!? YUP. Had some BK for LunchI of course fell In Love with a cute pair of  Pearl Studs from Kay Jewelers and Was determined to go back and get them.. Eventually!

Day 5- We had a Lunch date with My Dad, My Bro and the 3 of us! Well Daddy Fakes because he Sucks and My "princess" of a Brother decides to make this about him. Well Lunch was AWESOME! My brother Loved it and Besides the Whiny 2.5 year old I gave Birth to back in January of 2009, Everything went well. When Lunch Ended we Headed Back home, and took Little man to Chuck E Cheese, wel More like dropped him and daddy off while I ran a few stores over to a kids store to go Fall/Winter shopping for little man! Cute little Tims and a Timberland hoodie some other pants and shirts and  a few other things then popped Back over to CEC and Dealt with my little Whiner


    Day 6- Was Spent Out! we Had A family Lunch and all went well Little mans Favorite place, then we went Shopping... I fell In love with a new Desktop at of course a Mac with a HUGE monitor, Currently debating purchasing this one and of course a gaming desktop for the Mr. I have a feeling christmas is coming Early for us Both!!! Just the MAC alone will Run us like $1700 sooo Its alot of thought in process!

    Day 7-  we Went to meet up with my sis To pick up some yummies she brought back from Miami! then we had lunch Out again, and headed to the Mall Since the Mr. Insisted I show Him These earings I just COULD NOT stop talking about... Well I am Glad to say I am now the proud owner  of a new Pair of Pearl Earrings yay!!!  we debated which pair would be best and I finally decided on a pair and I am In Love, I removed the previously Purchased .5 carat diamond earrings he bought me a couple years back and replaced them with my new Loves! Pearls are classic but they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I'm more of a pearl girl myself! lol those of you who do not Know pearls are my Obssesion, Diamonds aint Got Shit on my Pearls! For my engagement ring I hinted on a pearl but he got me a diamond.

   Day 8- NOTHING! I literally did Nothing! I woke up a few hours after little man who was given a bowl of cereal and a cup of milk by the Mr then he went back to sleep, This all Back Fired when he forgot to LOCK the Fridge and little man Decided to Feed Himself! I did wake up at about 10 to start getting his actual breakfast ready, then again more of Nothing, Cleaned up a Bit More of Nothing, lol literally NOTHING is the theme for Today! Although I am Bored I am Relaxed... and dreading going to cook Dinner.

   Day 9- Tomorrow Is my Last day before I return back to the office and technically its a 5 hour work day soo not really a day off.

9 days most of what we did is in there, except a few outings trips to the battlefield and photos we took out on the field, we had a great week and some change...

Back to work Monday Thank god! Not sure how Much more I could take of Not working!!! Have a great rest of the weekend and take a moment to Remember all those from 9/11

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