Sunday, September 11, 2011

Uh Oh with Some Scissors!

   Ok so My bangs Have grown Out badly since I butchered my hair before christmas... and Well I decided id cut my Bangs Short! LMAO ok I almost went to short then I got smart and thought lets start at the bottom and work my way up Well On snip and still to long so I said screw it I dont Have time and Chopped it off! Ok its TOO SHORT!!! Oh well showed the Hubby he agreed Oh well No use crying over spilt milk just pour yourself another glass! So I then decide My ends are totally Split!!! and my hair looks frizzy cuz my ends are Horrible part my hair down the middle and grab scissors and chopped it off then grabbed the other side and chopped off "about" the same amount 3 inches I would say Ehh no idea if it is even  but I cut it Normally I will take my time BUT I just didnt feel like dealing with it.. Nonetheless my hair feels healthier and  it might look janky but I like it and Thats what matters right.. Next week... Dying My hair sooooo No Idea If I will change it up a color or what might get pitch Black I have no clue But I will be dying it...  unless I change my Mind cuz Natural is always best, but since I slacked in changing the color this Summer Thought Id change it for the fall... We shall see....

 Nevertheless, I have gained weight! UGH! I had Planned On losing 20 lbs this was before April but ever since I got Off my thyroid meds in May My weight has been Stacking Up so My 20 Lbs have stacked up to 50lbs I want to Lose! First step.. Get On My Damn Meds again! Second step Get back to the Gym geez I was Going At it and Started working full time and now I am slacking.. I Know My Girl Ash will Be bashing My face in If I dont get back on My Meds... and My Bff LC will be getting Paid if I dont Lose some of this weight ( we have a bet) So its time I focus on those 30 Ive gained and then Worry about the 20 I had planned on losing... So Heres to those 50 lbs!

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