Saturday, September 17, 2011

Randomness on a Saturday Morning!

   Let Me Tell You The week was Horrid! With a little over 3 hours of sleep on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, I had NO time to catch up on all the sleep lost during vacation.  Work onthe other hand was great! With all the new Business and accounts I get to work, I was Busy all day (except on those random moments where i take some me time lol).

    My Janky 3 year old phone which i stubbornly ( is that a word... for the purpose of this blog post i say it is) refused to upgrade kicked the bucket! upgrades mean contracts and with all the new changes with My cellphone Carrier I just wasn't up for a commitment. Well thursday morning My janky phone decides that the corner edge of the Screen will start getting all weird i continue to mess with it since well its annoying a little later the problem has spread till eventually i can see 1/4 of my screen. enough to know whose texting me and thats about it. We went phone shopping Thursday Night and had a disagreement on who would get what phone because of the prices and "someone" was getting greedy! Friday afternoon we went in and purchased our phones! I LOVE IT!!! its been a while since i got to enjoy and use some of those features!

   On to other news Falls Here early the weather is ridiculous! I actually walked out my door yesterday morning and Had to walk back in to grab a hoodie! geez!  on the Plus side Cox Farm is opening Next week But we were Invited for the Preview Weekend at $5 bucks a pop! so the price is Great now actually being able to go this weekend is a problem. and the Preview weekend is this weekend.

   Lately I have been designing a few websites ( on my spare time) creating some ads, and of course Studying! Ugh Juggling a Mr. a baby boy, class, work, cooking, cleaning,  is Stressful, but nonetheless I do it all with a smile,  because i truly do feel blessed.

   Working On a Music group reviews, probably will not post on here but will link up to the Music Blog. On top of the previous bands that have caught my attention there are a few more amongst them, and definately would like to get them some attention.