Monday, December 26, 2011

4 Month Update!!! and a Merry Christmas!

The last Few months Have been HECTIC! They've been so Busy That I have not even had time for Myself.. My idea of "ME" Time is Going to bed before 10pm!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! Awsome Time with My Little Man!
 A recap of the last  Few months

took Little Man Trick Or Treating at Fairoaks Mall With Landen Jayden Was Buzz Lightyear Mommy was a Sexii Pirate and Daddy... I dont even remember if he dressed up! lol Little Man was Cranky and Tired But nonetheless he was excited with all the Candy he received!!
The Cuzzo and Me

Landen And Jayden

Random Vampire and Jayden

No Idea Neither does Jayden

Happy Belated Halloween To all!

As Usual Done at the Family restaurant, Only this year my brother and his band performed live and it was a FULL HOUSE besides it being full I was stressed and DID NOT enjoy Dinner one Single Bit!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Finally Christmas!!

Christmas Eve:
Our Celebration is on Christmas Eve! Huge Dinner Music the whole Family and Gift exchanges
Ever since I was little we were able to open the gifts given to us by OTHERS on Christmas Eve But had to wait till Christmas Morning to Open what My Parents and Santa had Given Us, The Tradition Continues with My Son! Dinner as Always ( except in 2009) was Held at the Family Restaurant, we had the traditional Bingo, to win Prizes, and One by one Each Gift was called out and handed to its Owner, The Joy on My sons FACE and excitement everytime he Heard "Jayden" is Priceless. Ran to the Stage grabbed his gift and ran back to mommy to show me what he had gotten and anxiously unwrapped before being calle again for another gift! I loved It he loved it and I can't even Begin to explain the Joy I felt that Night to see my Son doing the Things I did as a Child to see him running around with My cousins Kids The same way I used to run around with them PRICELESS!

Pre Santa lready opened From the Reastaurant!


Post Santa!

Christmas Morning:
He was Cranky and Tired from the Partying!  But His Excitement and Running around with Power Rangers, Dinosaurs, and Cars, Shopping was Horrible! NO ONE had Regular Dinosaurs, I just wanted a Dinosaur Playset and Nothing FInally Toys R US came Through and Had a SALE buy 2 get the 3rd for $1 you best Belive Mama Hopped On that deal and Saved 24 Bucks Lol... But we did find many other things for little Man!
He loved His Jeep!

We Went Nuts This YearI think we got him like 15 Gifts and a few From Santa!

Love Santa!

yea He went all out!
Merry Christmas!

And Finally...
Shopping Shopping and More Shopping! Had to hit up the after Sales, Mostly to Spend Jaydens Christmas Money on New Clothes and such, and of course Hit up Victorias Secret and and a Few Other Stores for myself Hubby said hed be getting me a Few things Ive been asking for... But has Yet to get me my darn New Dining room set! Regardless Busy Day Lots Of Sales, People, Pushing, Shoving, and Shopping! Then Enjoyed a wonderful Dinner  The Mr., Little Brother, Cousin, Daddy, Momma And My Baby Boy ( who was Passed Out and SNORING) as we ate... All Shopped Out poor Thing!

Now back to reality Back to Work In the Morning! Sucks! I love My Job But I want More Time Home Atleast Its a Short Week! 4 days Or Maybe 3 I havnt Yet decided! I might Take Friday Off Well this has Been Long enough Hope all of you Get to Catch Up until My Next Post! Have a Great night and if I dont Get a Chance... HAPPY NEW YEAR!