Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Trip Day 1

Sunday! Our Sunday Started off Early Lately Our days have consisted of sleeping in Until noon or later depending On the Little one and our nights consist of staying up until the birds wake up to chirp us to sleep yes all 3 of us The Mr. the Little one and my self Since we are in the middle of Making another Move our work has been from Home or late afternoons! [Thank god for them being so understanding] and letting us work off schedule as long as things get done!

Today, After only getting 4 hours of sleep Friday and about 5 Last Night I was exhausted this Morning when I had to wake up first and Load up the car I let My Mr. Sleep in the extra 30 Minutes Since he worked Late just so we could Have Off for the next 3 days! We took Our Little Road Trip ANd wow Some of the Characters I saw along the way... One Lady was Even Reading While Driving! I mean Bookmark and all in Hand No traffic! then we hit traffic and i couldnt help but think I bet it was the lady that was reading that Caused traffic {or some one just like her[Carless]]. The Little One did pretty Good on the Car ride except he only Napped one Hour from the drive and was cranky due to being woken up 4 hours before his wake up! We ended up spending an extra 1.5 to 2 hours to get here [ thanks to traffic] But when we arrived we were so Relieved!

{My Princess}

I Can Say I have it is Nice being here and even more wonderful seeing My BFF whom I have not seen in almost a year! her babygirl is so big now only 4 months younger than my little one and they are the funniest little pair! What in the world they babble to eachother i dont know but they seem to understand eachother! lol!

{The Two Of them}

They are Both standing On the Cofee Table

And kept stealing eachothers Milk lol!

since we got here so Late we just hung out and went for a late dinner to olive Garden i can honestly say I enjoyed this Olive garden Visit!

{My Big Boy aka Cookie Monster}

what a mess!

{My Girls}

Bff and Her Baby Girl

Bff since 2007

Sadly the only Pic of Me or The Mr. yesterday was at Dinner and We werent Ready lol We looked all Janky Soooo...

That one will Not Be Posted Lol!!!

Hope everyone had a great sunday HI to Any New Followers Welcome to My Blog!

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