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30 Day Blog Journal

My Wee View

The List
Day 1 (Sept 08 2010) - your favorite song
Day 2 - your favorite movie
Day 3 - your favorite television program
Day 4 - your favorite book
Day 5 - your favorite quote
Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things
Day 7 - a photo that makes you happy
Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 9 - a photo you took
Day 10 - a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
Day 11 - a photo of you recently
Day 12 - something you are OCD about
Day 13 - a fictional book
Day 14 - a non-fictional book
Day 15 - your dream house
Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc)
Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding
Day 19 - a talent of yours
Day 20 - a hobby of yours
Day 21 - a recipe
Day 22 - a website
Day 23 - a youtube video
Day 24 - where I live
Day 25 - your day, in great detail
Day 26 - your week, in great detail
Day 27 - my worst habit
Day 28 - whats in my handbag/purse
Day 29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 - a dream for the future

Day 23 - a youtube video 
Well this is a Music Video, Its been Who Knows how Long since I last saw this or even heard this song and wow Yes it brought tears to my eyes and as soon as i wiped them away an new set of tears formed!


Day 22 - a website
Lol mine of course


Day 21 - a recipe 
Flan De Queso 
[Caramel Cream Cheese Custard] 
5 large eggs 
1 Can condensed milk; sweetened 
1 can evaporated milk 
1 8oz cream cheese 
1 ts vanilla extract
[Too lazy to type Out directions]


Day 20 - a hobby of yours

Taking Random Pictures
doing Other Peoples Hair and Make up

Day 19 - a talent of yours
Make Up & Photography

Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding 
My Past Wedding

The Mr. and I got Married In March of 2008. My Family Had Set up a small Get together for us In February as we were Supposed to get Married The week Of Valentines day But As Most military Spouses know Your Life belongs to the Military Until The Mr. Is no longer active Duty. So Our Little Wedding was canceled last minute. After a Month and a half of Requesting Time Off atleast 1 day so we could get Married In March They finally said Ok You can Have Friday off! Yay... Not so Much He had Duty Thursday so He was up early like 2am Friday Morning to work and didnt get off untill about 8 or 9 am i was furious. we made it to My Home town to get Our wedding license and Then scheduled to be wed Later that night at about 10 Pm {yes Luckily we found some One to marry us] It wasnt a Traditional Wedding Just Family friends a dinner and of course Cake. We did have Traditional vows. I wore a White dress With a Black Horizontal Line some Black leggings and Black and White Heels and the Mr. Matched me [of Course] It was perfect His Family couldn't be there but Thats ok! 

Future Wedding 

Well We do Plan on Having our Big Ceremony Later On Im thinking at our 5 year mark to Renew Our Vows and this Time Write our Own Vows!

I Plan On wearing a white dress
{ i know I Know let me Finish} that slowly Fades Into a Pink and Finishes off hot Pink, I plan On Having 3 brides maids All Wearing Hot Pink and My Maid of Honor will be My Brother I decided that when I was 15. he will be in a traditional Tux But with Hot Pink vest and tie! Another dress I was Looking Forward too Is an Off White Lined with a champagne color, And a Champagne Colored dresses for the Brides maid. 

Fantasy Wedding 

When i was younger i always thought about how it would be like when I got married I wanted the white dress and the long train and the Line of brides Maids. But I would want My Bf To ask my Dad for My Hand In Marriage {check! the mr. Did Do that, Only he did it after he proposed had he not it wouldnt have been a surprise.. My dad runs into the kitchen and says " We have a new member Joining our family!!" I was Like GEEEZ DAD what if i didnt Know!! he laughed smiled at me and said Oh sorry!} I always wanted a formal proposal A spontaneous One! [Check!! ]The Mr. took me out to dinner at Guadalajaras In Down town Norfolk and was hiding the ring [ he was shy!] and I asked what are you Hiding? and he pulled up the ring and our bus boy stops to stare and the Mr. immidiately Hid it under the table so I get up to go sit next to him and i was so excited! Officially proposed to me On Nov. 16 2007 at 12:01 am in the car out side his barracks! any ways back to my wedding! I wanted to have My First dance with the Mr. my father daughter dance [Check Check] and have every one give their toasts to us [ Um didnt happen] 

Overall i can say the best parts Happened and the other stuff[ the dress the location and such] will happen. Didnt happen as I planned But hey I was little who the heck plans on money when they are little??

Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc)
ok i dont understand what the heck it wants me to do? post a piture? write an entry of my favorite one? its a little unclear so this day is Skipped

Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly)[9/23/10]

I Loved her First - by Heartland

Its not a sad song it brings tears to my eyes in a happy way! Reminds me of the Day my daddy gave me away and how mad he was to be losing his little girl! he loves the Mr. But You know how it is I will Probably Hate the Slut Girl My LO Brings home to "Meet The Parents"


Day 15 - your dream house[9/22/10]

Far Away from here Lol. I would not want it in VA Or some where tropical, I would probably say Alaska close to the Ocean! Im not too Picky As Long as My Family is with me and we are all healthy!


Day 14 - a non-fictional book [9/21/10]
The Bible[yes i know Im getting Lazy here lol]


Day 13 - a fictional book
Harry Potter =)


Day 12 - something you are OCD about

Clothes! Omg If you asked the Mr. when he first Met me if i was NUTS hed say HELL YEA, My ex BF Same thing everytime they came in my bedroom everything was Lined up If they were to take off clothes Id put their uniform on Hangers... 
All the clothes has to be Folded a certain way white shirts one way My Mr.s Boxers are all rolled up along with shorts socks are according to color and all My Hangars have to be WHITE!!! [2 finger spaces between them]


Day 11[091810] - a photo of you recently

A Little Over 2 weeks Old! 

Day 10[091710]- A Picture Taken of you over 10 years ago
Now Guess Which ones Me?? Lol this SHouldnt Be Hard!

Day 9[091610] - a photo you took
On the Farm In Santa Isabel, PR [the Mr.s Family's Farm]

Day 8[091510] - a photo that makes you angry/sad
A Gift from the Mr. For Christmas 2007
I would Have Posted an U/S pic of my first pregnancy but as sad as it makes me to think I dont have my angels here with me I know they are in a better place and with gods help I got sent a new Blessing. Had god not decided to keep the angels with him I never would have met my LO! so Instead I post a Picture of My Princess who got sick and passed away and in every Photo I look she is there with my LO playing sleeping or eating with him... and that makes me smile but then I get sad that she left us too Soon. I even helped her through her delivery.
Now I will be a photo Whore and Post a few Photos of my princess when she was with us!
After hours of Labor the Puppy was stuck and would not come out It suffocated it was coming out feet first
Sleeping Like a baby in Mommys Arms
Sleeping On My Boobie

LO with the Princess

Day 7 [091410]- a photo that makes you happy
there are so many so ill cheat and post 2!!

I dunno But seeing My two Mr.'s Makes me smile! Seeing My Mr. being a daddy Makes me smile even More! They are the reason I wake up with a smile in the morning especially My mini Mr. who climbs on me with a big cheese on his face like he knows he shouldnt be here but doesnt care cause he knows mommy loves him and wont kick his ass like she swears she will do! ["Get back in there or i will spank you" he just smiles and runs up to me lol How can i spank him??? empty threats  haha he is figuring this out Too soon!]

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things 

1. Chocolate 2.Brownies 

3. Massages 4.Pedicures 

5. Manicures 6. Writing 

7.Cooking 8.Jewelry 

9. Trips to the park 10. Photography 

11.Spending time With my Family [the Mr. & the Mini Mr.] 

12. Dogs 13.My Laptop 

14. My Cameras [all 3 especially My Nikon] 

15.T.V 16. Sewing 

17. Dancing 18. Date Nights 

19. Surprises [lol gifts that I know about of course] 

20.  SEX! [My FAV.!]


Day 5 - your favorite quote
"If You're Lucky Enough to find that one person you Love who loves you Back... Its a Gift"
I truly feel That I have received the greatest Gift Not Just with My Mr. But with My LO as well! My Family and friends all of them. I am truly Lucky


Day 4 - your favorite book
Oh my I have so many... I just love to read! that is all I did through out my pregnancy while Hubby was Underway! I will steer clear of the Twilight books and Harry Potter books and choose a book that I have found myself reading atleast 4 times. I first read it in 2004 and then the last time was probably early 2009, "Shes Come Undone" by Wally Lamb.

Day 3 - your favorite television program
Greys Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Army Wives
and anything TV Land
[Yes I cheated but there are just to many!]
Day 2 - your favorite movie
Hmm I would say the Little mermaid But I think imma Go with Grease! No Matter how many times I watch it Just can't seem to get sick of It! all Time Fav.!!!

The New Blog Challenge
My "30 Day Journal"
Day 01

Day 01- your favorite song
Hmmm I have a few but I will Go with One that Just Reminds Me of My SO when ever I hear It, Yes My Cousins laugh when ever I tell them Its "OUR" Song some of you Might of Heard it on My Blog before Its "One in a Million" By Hannah Montana lol and the Other "From This Moment" From Shania! but definately "One in a Million =D

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