Thursday, September 9, 2010


Just One More Day till the Weekend!
wow so Schools Have now been In Session for 2 days in this Area, and Traffic is HORRIBLE every where I look I see a bunch of yellow buses damn speed limits in school zones flashing 25 mph??? theyre not out of school yet!!! and if they are it doesnt need to be one from 2 till 5 or what ever!! But any ways this traffic is beyond horrible and to think i was complaining about a bunch of Teens Window shopping at the mall! and parents taking their TOO BIG FOR THE PLAY AREA CHILDREN and letting run around like Monkeys, I would trade the teenage window shopper for the traffic lol Ill take the teens at the mall leave the traffic elsewhere! as far as the play area... THE HEIGHT LIMIT IS 42" and thats IT!!!

Wednesday was a busy day!  Luckily Both the Mr. and I have off so Its a Fun day out for the 3 of us!
We finally got all our Goodies together and arrived at my Moms at about 11:30 PM and ugh already dreading these next couple of weeks Especially when the Mr. Leaves without me! Oh well thats Life and Work needs to get done... So as our Options  have been layed out in front of us we could have A) gone over seas and taken his Job Promotion B)Gone Up North and Taken Mine  C)stayed where we were and kept Both Jobs or D)Gone to one other location with out the Promotion But a pay Increase with a Job transfer  for the Mr. and well we decided and since we are at my Moms Im sure yall know "C" isnt one of them lol well I will Eliminate "B" for you because I will soon be a SAHM again [not too sure how I feel about it]  Its between "A" and "D"... but Ill leave that to your Imagination, But nevertheless Hubby is excited to have me home again! I on the other hand Love getting out making some money and saving as much As Possible for our month Long vacations we like to take [When approved... Lol DECEMBER] Well its late and Im exhausted and the LO finally fell asleep!

"30 Days of Truth"
Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted
well this may sound Odd But I will say My brother [my little brother to be exact... Like it matters I Onli have 1 how confused can ya get hmm??] any ways Before I "Grew Up" and Moved Away My Brother and I were Super close! We did everything Together! I Coached his Soccer Team, Practiced with him and his friends, Assisted with with indoor soccer, Picked up His Tramp I mean Girlfriend dropped the hoe Girl Off, Picked him up from school early Just to go to the Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet, Scheduled Imaginary Doctors apt. to get him out of school early, EVERYTHING! when I moved away Things got harder he wanted me home and i would come Visit Often, When The SO and I got Engaged thats hwen we started drifting I mean he likes him But Its my Bro! On My Wedding Day He was so Red From crying as we recited our vows [he had Lost His Big sister] Now nothings the same i see him and its just hey! i Mean t could be back then he was like 13/14 now hes 17 and well hes "Grown" lol who knows but that Tramp girlfriend of his still comes around ugh seriously time for a new one hmm?!?!?

"30 Day Blog Journal"
Day 2 - your favorite movie
Hmm I would say the Little mermaid But I think imma Go with Grease! No Matter how many times I watch it Just can't seem to get sick of It! all Time Fav.!!!

365 Days "A picture a Day"
Day 11 "Around Town"

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