Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Already??

Well Since Im Up Late Packing All our goodies and cleaning and preparing to Go to My Moms Before the Final Move in a few Weeks I decided I would Post Wednesdays Post earlier than Usual I usually Like to wait till the end of the day when I Have had the full day to wirte about something worth while But Lets be serious its always Nonsense anyways, Why Not do it when Im In a Bitchy Mood lol. Well ill Be super Busy Tommorow so If I post It will Be short and ill be tired so getting all my things out of the way now..

Woo HOO!! Its already Half way Through The week! we should get rid of Monday all together That way The would would be this short always lol [ When I was In school i always wanted Them to just let us have MONDAY-FRIDAY off and go to school Saturday and Sunday, all year Long of course But If I took a month of vacation id lose 8 Days of school and if its excused i still pass the class {Youre allowed 10 Excused absences} In a regular school week if you miss 2 weeks You Fail!!! {see My Logic} Lol Its late Im Random!]

Off to The Challenges....

"30 Days Of Truth"
Day 08
Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

actually Im Glad to report that As hard as I am thinking I can't come up with anything! I asked the hubs and nothing LOL! I can Make a list for others, But First Off Im Very Choosey when it comes to friends so It is very Limited the people who know enough about me to cause harm to me and those few Would never do that, I do Have the occaisional annoying People who Internet stalk, Copy and what Not or the occassional Hubbys EX tryna Be all UP in My ISH but Nothing That I would call Hell Just CREEPY lol [Girl seriously Hes Mine you had your chance and couldnt handle yourself during deployment Now go back to your drug addicted, Cheating, Poor excuse for a dad BF and Hop Off my Hubbys Junk![I would say Its mean of me to put her Bussiness out there BUT Only She will know who she is so There, and either way I just DONT CARE]] Lol Now back to the topic NOPE No ones treated me like shit either maybe badly but no one i can be like WOW he treated me like ISH! lol so IM Glad and Well Id like to say sorry to those of you that Have been treated like shit or put through hell but, If its anything like the couple of people that I know that Have been treated like shit and have some one making their life hell, Then well You chose to put Yourself In that situation, because ONE TIME DOES NOT MAKE HELL Repeated times do and if you stick around for it well, You knew It was coming so No sorrys from Me [You should hear what I tell My sister]

MOVING ON.......

The New Blog Challenge

My "30 Day Journal"

Day 01

Day 01- your favorite song
Hmmm I have a few but I will Go with One that Just Reminds Me of My SO when ever I hear It, Yes My Cousins laugh when ever I tell them Its "OUR" Song some of you Might of Heard it on My Blog before Its "One in a Million" By Hannah Montana lol and the Other "From This Moment" From Shania! but definately "One in a Million =D

"365 Day Project"
Day 10
Week 2 "Around Town"
This is One of My Favorite Pictures from our Nature walk with Our LO The other Day!
There were so Many trees and the way The light came down Was great I kept trying to capture
It all, Between Natures Beauty and My LO's Excitement and his running around... well Both cameras ran out of Battery!

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[Also in Tuesday nights post]

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