Friday, September 17, 2010

Im feeling Better Today!

Have you ever been given that Look Where people are thinking Youre a bad Parent?!? [Like yelling at your kid in Public is wrong??] i mean not verbally abusing Them Just a simple NO!  or SIT DOWN! and people look at you like GOSH wth is wrong with her!
yesterday we were in the car waiting for my bro on the soccer field before the coaches/parent meeting... and the LO did something and i Go NO!!!!
 [like really Loud]

I had about 4 parents turn to look at me like wtf! i was like great im in a halter top its raining i have no umbrella imma be standing in the rain [for the coaches meeting] with a 20 month old.... 
This coaches meeting should be fun! lol i stood there getting eye fucked by all the parents [onli like 4 or 5] just so i could sign over a $700 check lol!! geez! [ I think they were staring cuz they thought i had 17 year old son when I look damn near 17 Myself I mean im Onli 5'3.. or maybe they were thinking WTH shes 12 with a almost 2 year old Lol I have no idea!] parenting aint it fun?!? luckily we were having a meeting so the coaches could bitch at the parents for their kids.... lol bad kids [17year olds or so... badass wannabees] i of course dont have a kid there just my little bro both my parents could not make it, so i eye fucked them right back![haha your kids are in trouble!!] well most werent There are a select few who dont go to practice, back talk to the coaches show up late [ i think it has something to do with the fact that the coaches are  like in their mid 20's... My age!]

so after complaining about their kids they encouraged the parents to talk to their kids so they could talk to other the other kids! It might Just be me but if im paying $700 for my Kid to be playing Damn right hes gonna be there allday long if he has to! for that kinda money i better be getting some training too lol... and then My Bro has the nerve to say "$700 Thats cheap?!?!?!" WTF?!?!

ok you go make $700 and then we see how cheap it is! what he meant was Its pretty cheap compared to the $1300  he paid last time or the few grands it cost to ship him to argentina for a summer to freeze his ass off! all the players left before the time was up because it was too cold [Yea add another $900 to fly him  back early WTF!] lol geez the summer before that was Brazil that was like $5000 not including my parents plane tickets to go with him to make sure he got there safely....
so yes it makes $700 seem cheap... Now to me Cheap would be Playing with the Neighborhood kids in the back yard lol [cuz even the school requires money now days AND they make you Volunteer!! WTH youre a horrible parent if You want alone time and wanna sleep while your kids have a game  you work overtime and cant go watch your sons game or sit at the gate during JV games taking tickets!]  Any ways this post is too long Kinda Chatty This Morning as I got very little sleep but it was good enough and I got AMAZING NEWS this morning so Im HAPPY!!

Now the Blog Challenge that  I Did Not Post Last Night...

Hope EVERYONE has A GREAT FRIDAY Im SENDING SOME OF my Friday Luck and Happiness to ALL All my Readers, Followers, Creepers, and Even the Stalkers.!!


  1. WOW $700!?!? I would NOT think that's cheap either.. man what a wake up call. I mean, I know kids are expensive but DAMN!

  2. Thanks for the comment love! I can't imagine paying that kind of money for sports. Schnikeys.