Saturday, September 18, 2010


So As Usual Saturdays Are busy so I Post everything before I go to bed....

Sooooo.... To Begin let me LMFAO
 [lol its and inside Joke with me and well me lol J/K the Mr. Knows whats going On to0]
Hello To My Haterz, Stalkerz, and WannaBeez
[Im Flattered Really]
And HELLO Followers!
Good News Friday
 Good News Just Keeps On coming to us... As I received Great News
last Night well at 5 am-ish Friday Morning [lets just say Money wont be an issue... Lol at least not for now! lol we didnt inherit a million dollars or win the lottery ... but its good news lol]
Then i get news that Finally My Cars Going to get out of the Shop[one of them.. thats Even Greater news its been there 7 weeks cuz the damn mechanic is good for nothing so we switched shops where they are charging more but atleast i will get my car back]
Today was Payday & The Mr. Got A Paycheck A little more than expected [lol what to do with the rest lol i say its MINE]
So Overall things are Looking good, Im a Little Less stressed this week, with the Mr. gettig Delayed to leave {In a way Im mad, in another Im glad hes home} 

On to better News!

I Will be doing some Freelance work in the weeks To Come, a wedding to be exact, Make Up and Photos for the Bridal Party and the Wedding. I will be Photographing the wedding and receiving a donation for my time but will in fact only be getting paid for the Make Up. The wedding Photos will be to Further expand My Portfolio as I requested from the Bride{ I do believe she will have another Photographer}.
I finally had a Day off well Not really I woke up at 10 to go grocery shopping get home by 130 so the Mr. can leave and i get the LO and then from there untill now Ive been with him so Yea No classes today But not really a day off lol...

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Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage. 

Don't Ask Don't Tell... It really Doesn't Bother me. I am No One to Judge who you are or who You should be with [If hubby were a Woman... Hmm who knows... lol but thankfully he is a Man] I actually Went to my grandparents restaurant a week or so Back and saw a Gay couple who had a son [ A son My sons age! How cute] they just looked so happy.. One thing that does bother me as well as others is PDA i dont care who it Is PDA is Not cute, Sexy, or appealing to ANYONE so keep It for the bedroom!

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A Little Over 2 weeks Old! 

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  1. Yay for the good news! And congrats on the freelance job. I know you'll take beautiful pictures!

  2. damn! money is always good:) haha! i think it's a good idea to move things to their own place:) lots of love for a nice saturday babe! xoxo

  3. Following from Saturday blog hop! I like your blog!