Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Friday

TGIF  The weekends here NO TRAFFIC [ Wont Hold my breath]
HellO! I hope you all [ well most of you.. those whose areas Had school start this week] Made it through week one of hell Back to school... Traffic was HORRIBLE im afraid to leave the house today since it is Friday!

Good Morning
It Is Nearly 5 AM, and since I woke up and can't seem to get Myself back to sleep decided to turn on the laptop and check on the New updates. [This damn thing kept acting up lat nigh so as i Updated it I passed out]

We took Our LO to get His PPD results read yea a almost 30 minute drive for a 2 second visit to a nurse who says Yup its negative! [Oh well Thanks Ladii I had no Idea what Id Be WASTING my Gas on this week.. Im glad it was driving for you to confirm His PPD results were negative] We then had a quick trip to MMMMM DONAL! [Yes thats Little Mr. talk for Mcdonalds... WHen ever he doesnt clap his hand s and say YAY!!! lol] We went to a Community park this one is very small Kinda In the woods but Has so Many Memories from When I was Younger and thats what I am Trying to Create with MY LO.  We walked down to the creek saw the fishes and the water he loved it all.

As I was Born and Raised In Northern VA Being Here Now, reminds me of Just how many Memories my parents created with Us eery where I go I have a memory of mY dad or mom Or Both taking us some where!

Any Ways Thursday Night Ended with Some Home made spaghetti and Garlic Bread sticks Yummy The Little Mr. LOVED IT and so did my SO[ Oh and the dogs because My LO has some sort of amusement from letting the dogs eat from his hands and laughing.. there are 3 dogs here]

Finally My SO [knowing My Chocolate addiction] Brings in to the bedroom a Glass of milk and... A MUDSLIDE BROWNIE!!! Mmmm Yummy. He likes brownies but its more of a MMM its good, Not MMM get them away from here or I might just eat them all.[lol thats me]


"30 Days of Truth" 
Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know

hmm i dont know. i dont think im holding on to any one, and im glad I know all the people that i do beacause theyve all taught me lessons i needed to learn. [ I would say My angels But Ive accepted they are gone although I will continue to celebrate their Expected Birthdays, The onli Other thing I cant seem to get over is the death Of my Puppy Mini, Every where I Look there is a photo of her and a memory of us]

"30 Day Blog Journal" 

Day 3 - your favorite television program
Greys Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Army Wives
and anything TV Land
[Yes I cheated but there are just to many!]
365 Day "A picture a Day Project"
Day 12 [I think lol]

This was probably one of my Most Random Pictures.. It was one of those moments when you are walking around and say DAMN! I wish i had my camera haha and this Time i just happened to have it! [who am I kidding I always have my camera on my...[might not always be charged] But always have one on me either my point and shoot or one of my DSLR cameras!] Any ways I was parking to go into HI-Tech Transmissions for sensors On one of the cars  and I see the flowers and Just had to Photograph them!

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