Thursday, September 23, 2010

I DO Love your Blog!

"I Do love Your Blog" Award

I received My 2nd Award Yesterday from Just married with Coupons
Be sure to check out their blog and try their Hubby and Wifey Brain Teazer... 
Lol I have won them twice[the only 2 times i entered and of course WON]

There are no rules. Give it to as many or as few people as you would like. Heck you don't even have to pay it forward. Just have fun with it!

I wont be giving It to any One as of right Now But might later on during the day =D

This week’s topic is : Creating Art with a Toddler

My LO Loves Color anything to do with Markers Crayons Paint even Make up only problem, he isn't Too fond Of paper! lol! We hand him Crayons and well They must taste real good because he's always trying to eat them... So is the Dog, I think I might just have to try one! We dont give him too much stuff to Destroy Color with since he thinks of our house/room as his canvas, and well I dont have the energy to chase him down and then clean up the walls. if you read Yesterdays post, You would have read Of him being devious Sweet enough to let us sleep In while he Destroyed the floor Created art! was it a beautiful gesture? of course hes my prince! was it wonderful to spend my morning trying to get Bright Vibrant Colors out of our white carpet? Not so much! and of course Mommy wasn't too happy to know that her Semi New Make Up Palette had been Used for this Destruction of the carpet Creation of carpet Art

Toddler Art Tip:

Heres an idea I HAVE NOT tried with LO yet But I did read it in another Mommas Blog... Painting with Yogurt. She Used plain white Yogurt and added food coloring to a few dishes and mixed it with the yogurt and used it as finger paint on Paper! Smart Idea this way Its edible too! Let me know if any one tries this Have a great Thursday!


  1. That is a fun idea! I wonder if it would mold if you posted it on the fridge... I have heard of using pudding too. Let me know if you try it!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

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  3. I will def have to do this!
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  4. Oh no about the makeup!!!

    The yogurt is a good idea!

  5. I love painting with yogurt! We've done it with pudding as well.
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  6. I love your blog!!! Very Cute :) I am now following you, Budget Savvy Diva is part of the blog hop so head on over to and learn to save money the easy way!

  7. That's a fun idea. For awhile, I covered the walls with craft paper so that my little one could just color on the "walls".

    I finally got a chance to make it over here and follow. Thank you so much for the support you provided. I look forward to reading more.

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  10. Whoo hoo! Thanks for the shout out! =} Hope you had a wonderful day! There is still a TeaZer going on.. hint hint !

  11. Ah, carpet art! One of my favorite things.
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!