Saturday, September 4, 2010

Super Saturday!

Hey Yall ... Hope Your Saturday was Great! Mine was Super Busy!

"30 Days Of Truth"
Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for
Honestly im Not too Much into holding Grudges I do remember Things [Like Forever] but I dont Burden Myself with stress like Not forgiving some One if they are truely sorry the deserve Forgiveness and another chance, and if they Dont care enough to want forgiveness then I Definately Wouldnt Waste my time caring Enough to Try amd worry about forgiving them.
People who lied to me, exes who cheated, either I forgave them or just didnt give 2 Ish's about then so.... Really no one lol!!! Makes sense right!?

"365 Day Challenge"
[Day 6... 359 to go]
[On my way to work Super early.. For me atleast]

To start Things Out....
{Try to Keep it short}
Its been 1 year!
Today Marks the 1 year Since My SO Got His Life Back!  Separated from the U.S Navy!  Wow where did that Year Go! This Time Last year we were Going through the same thing Getting ready To Move, and here we are again! I couldnt be Happier with Him Being out of the Navy and home with us watching Our LO grow!

{ok I lied =D... it might be long lol}
Hubbys Birthday
Tommorow Is My SO's 23rd BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!! Cant Believe  it feels like we were Just at The beach last Labor day Celebrating His Birthday! Still Have No Idea what To do! I cant believe he will Be 23... I still Remember In 07 Laughing at him when I asked if he wanted to go to the club for Halloween and then I remembered haha Youre Not 21 Yet! lol Girls are 18 and up Guys usually 21 and up and now we dont go... Go figure!!

Moving On....
{I swear Im almost Finished}
Another Trip to the park
Well I had to Waste My time work This Morning, got Home at about 5 and it was In and out the House! Rushed Into the House to Change Grab my LO's Lunch Box [No More diaper Bags Just grab some milk juice and snacks and put it in there with an Icepack and carry 2 diapers and a wipe case in my Purse] and head right Back Out to the Park! He loves it! I keep taking Him to different Parks in this Area! These Slides were alont Higher than the Other ones But He loved it!!! Then we went On a Nature walk! He Loves Exploring the trees, the creek ,Rocks and all the Icky Little Twigs.

And Finally!
{Ok this is it i SWEAR!}
Ice Cream!!

We went on Our weekly trip To Baskin Robins [Sometimes we get in 2 times a week lol] and Instead of each of us getting a scoop decided to Let The Hubby eat share the Banana Split we got lol! SO ate Most of it! My LO just Loves the cone and some rainbow sherbert in it!

Well Hope Your Saturday was Awsome Mine Seemed Super Busy But well Worth It! Thanks for Reading and Most of all Thanks for Following!
and Continue to....

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  1. mmmmm Baskin Robbins! You're makin me crave ice cream. haha. That's such a great idea to have a weekly trip to get dessert.

    Thanks for the award~. It's my first one. I'm super excited. Hope you have a great rest-of-the-weekend and Happy Birthday to your hubby. :-)


  2. Hi! Thanks for linking up to Sunday Strolling :) Oooh My Gah! I would so ♥ me some Baskin RObbins right now! Lucky girl!

  3. Cute blog!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ Relax and Surf Sunday!!

  4. 30 Days of Truth sounds like an interesting challenge. I'm following you back!

    Thanks for linking up at Relax and Surf Sunday

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  5. Just dropping by via Relax and Surf Sunday. LOve your BLog.

  6. gosh i gotta come hang with y'all at the park and have some ice cream:) i miss those days in NY. here in FL i just wanna hang in the cool house!:) have a happy day gorgeous!

  7. Im amazed at all the great blogs I'm stumbling on with these fabulous hops!

    Nana Poppins (Patty)