Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Hope all Of yall are doing Ok Now that You are back to your work week! By Now all kids Should have officially started school [Yay!] lol But if Your LO Hasn't dont worry Your day will Come!
"Doctors Office"
We Finally took In Our LO for his 18 Month Check Up Yes almost 2 Months Late! we have switched his doctors 3 times! and Then The Military Doctors were giving us a hard time about giving Us his records and all we needed was his shot records.. This new doctor tried telling me we were Behind I was like no Shit hes almost 20 Months and well Hes like No hes missing a shot But The idiot receptionist forgot to write out one of the shots he had already received! My LO Got His PPD Shot first[ No Tears] Then he got his 2nd shot in his left Arm a little uneasy But still NO TEARS.... The Nurse went in for the 3rd shot and he starts swatting her we held Him down But STILL NO TEARS, By the 4th shot He starts Whining and He makes Like hes crying Pull out a gobstopper and its Like what?!? where the ALMOST CRYING go?!?! lol such a big Boy! My Little Whiner!

"Potty Training"
Well As some of yall Read the other day we are starting to Potty Train Our LO and he understands the concept of Pee and poo And the Toilet! Theres been a few times in the last few days where he takes off his diaper and takes off running to the bathroom OF COURSE hes already peed in the diaper But ATLEAST hes understanding The Concept of the potty Training lol... And of course yesterday He was Pooing or it smelled Like it so we take him sit him down and apparently it was just gas an hour or so later hes running in the room and I can smell the stench!! YUCK! so im like UGh whose got him this time me or you! Lol [SINCE I SLEPT IN.... i decided to get him] so i go get a diaper and wipes and hes no where to be found! Lol I FINALLY FIND HIM in the Bathroom with his diaper off and sitting on the Potty! I just Thank god it was One piece of Poo and it was still on the diaper Had it been on my carpet I might have cried Lol!!

"30 Days of Truth"
Day 07
Day 07→ Someone who has made your life worth living for.
My Son. Every day I wake up to his smiles and I know that everything will be ok! no matter what hard times bring me he is the ONE that its all worth fighting for! He Kept my hope alive once I Lost my Angels in 08 and because of him it saved me from depression, I dont want to say I forgot them but it helped and still helps to think of my Angels less and whenever I do feel sad he is there to brighten up my day with his cute little gap between his still growing teeth lol. Definately the one thing In life that is Worth it all and more [If at all possible]

"365 Day Project"
Week 2 "Around town"
Day 09

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