Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday 10.05.10

"30 Day Journal"

Day 28 - whats in my handbag/purse
-I have 2 Pads 3 tampons [ Af was recently in town]
-Orange Olympus Camera
-A large Tube of M&M Minis [for the Mini Mr.]
-2 Diapers
- Small wipe case
-Black nail Polish
- A ton Of receipts
-Loose Change
-Cough Drops [For the Mr.]
-A Flash Drive
- A Pen A highLighter
-A Camera Lens
-a Teenie tiny Bottle of Perfume
-And Some sort of heating Pad that Ive been carrying Around since not this Past sunday But the sunday Before thats Game since My back was Severly Hurting...
Yes Its alot you should see my Coach Purse lol I do have a Tiny one that barely fits my Wallet!
Wow If I werent too Lazy to aupload a Picture Id Post the picture But Ill Upload it later!

"10 Random Days" 
My Final Day
Day 10: One confession
Hmm A confession- The Mr. and I got married before Our Official 1 year Anniversary of Dating.


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  5. i have some very large bags that i put barely anything into and then when i carry a smaller bag it seems like i need more stuff and everything won't fit. i'm also a huge COACH fan

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