Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the F*CK is wrong with people!?

I have a bit of time to Myself since the LO is sleeping SHHHH!
   I was Hopping around blogs catching up on some reading and wow I ran into one blog in particular that just broke My heart.
   The search of a 10 year old that was reported missing by her parents, Has now turned into a homicide investigation where her stepmother has been arrested.  Apparently the was signs of abuse in the home But no one did anything. This little Girl has had a rough Life not only from the abuse of her parents ( as of now only the stepmother but damn right that dad had to know something the Bastard) but also surived Bone cancer and Lost one of her legs due to the Chemotherapy.
   You can read the full story on the blog I read it on "Diary of Momma". Lets keep this Little girl in our prayers and that these two fuckers burn in hell!


  1. That is so awful. I hate hearing news like this. I will definitely be praying for the little girl.

  2. wow that's heartbreaking :-(

  3. couldn't have said it better myself. I am still following this story and will keep you updated!