Tuesday, November 9, 2010

21 Questions [Not mommy Blog Approved]

Do you dare take my challenge? You can be as virginal or risky as you want. Its grab my hot button, answer the questions, and link on up! 

1. Have you ever fascinated about someone of the same sex?
yes wont even lie on that one, 
2. How do you feel about condoms?
EWWW i hate them never use them plus i have a mild allergy to latex! ive used them and its the worst!
3. How important is sex to you on a scale of 1 to 100...
its important in a relationship cuz naturally your body craves it, but its not the most important thing so maybe a 65-75 %
4. How often do you masturbate?
LMAO Too Much. I go through Batteries like a little kid with a new toy, the Mr. likes to hide it that bastard!
5. When you fake an orgasm could you win an oscar?
I dont fake orgasms that I can recall atleast not recently But I have and I can say Im Good at It. But Now I make damn sure the mr. KNows I didnt finish and he better get to it!
6. Have you ever seduced someone?
Damn right
7. Have you ever had a one night stand?
Nope,  onli been with 3 J,J, and J. lol and well  hmm we did  it more than once so no oe night stands here Maybe after the first time it was a while for the 2nd time but  no one nighters
8. How do you feel about phone sex?
MMM, Call me! =D lol Love it. 
9. Do you look at porn on the internet?
10. Would you pose naked in a magazine for 10,000 buck aroos! 
Yup damn right Its selfish to keep all this sexiness hidden from the world
11. Have you ever tried Tantric Sex?
No dont think so
12. Are you a sex initiator? 
Yes I will initiate it have asleep while driving, at the movies, I get horny at random times
13. Are you addicted to Sex?
i Get my phases Before when I first started I couldnt get enough while i was preggo ame and after my son ugh just seems like im too tired But yes I love sex i want it all the damn time I mean its only 8:07 am here and Ive  already had sex and used my toy afterwards [thank my little cockblocker]
14. Sexiest part of a womans body?
Hips and thighs
15. Are you into bondage?
Dont think so its interesting but have not really tried it
16. Do you like to be tied up or be the tie-er upper?
with my husband lol I wouldnt trust him to tie me he might take advantage of me lol and he is too ticklish and wouldnt trust me to tie him
17. Longest sex session?
Oh wow This was back in 07  when I still lived at Heathers house with my roomie, I spent an entire saturday having sex No joke! on the bed on the floor i was on top he was on top it was crazy I seriously was so SORE that I eventually just layed there and begged No more No more and he jut laughed it up! lol we did take a break for dominoes pizza lol which got delivered!
18. naughty or nice?
Definately Naughty
19. Do you like to be spanked?
Hmmm if im in the mood lol 
20. Did you ever have sex in your parents bedroom?
21. How many toys do you own?
3 but one is in storage =(


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  2. haha one is in storage !!!

    K I am gonna call ya in my sexiest phone sex voice! Love your answer to number 10!!!

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