Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BGB Top Ten *Not mommy Blog Approved*

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Top 10  awkward sexual Moments
No Particular order
As You will read I have some Exhibitionist Problems lol that I am NOT working on because  that makes me me and the Mr. Likes it soo Oh well! a few others on My list but just picked 10 lol

1.Back seat of My car parked by the pier out side his ship- there was people walking By lol we were both Nervous it was night out so  i'm guessing it was ok and i was in a skirt little quckie since he had duty didnt get caught but it was ver uncomfortable

2.A football field- Awkward it was cold out and some one kept driving by like they could see us!  i might mention there was snow on the ground and my ass was freezing even with me having a jacket underneath me!

3.A JC Penny  dressing room- there was some one who kept tryna peek in cause they coul hear us and we left and went to the mens dressing room and well it was empty then this guy came in and was very quiet tryna listen

4.Pool-  my sister In law was in the pool and kept tryna play with us and i was just tryna smash in the corner of the pool lol  my Bro in law comes out puts us on the spot and tells her to get out that we are tryna have sex! wow  thanks for being so Blunt lol

5.On a tractor- This has got to be the stupidest one yet! If you read an earlier post on this day you wil see this tractor was parked right outside my inlaws house!  why i would even think to get bare assed and have sex right out side my inlaws house with my sister in law just a window glimpse away and my Mother inlaw on her way home god ONLY knows but we did and we got Causght Luckily only by a worker by a neighboring farm and not a family member i think i wold have died of embarrasment!

6.Airplane- we were heading back on a night flight from PR! plane was empty Yay!  the bathrooms were too small for my claustrophobic preggo ass so since we hand an entire row for our selves we decided to fool around well lets just say these damn flight attendants need to stop sneaking up on people. she walks by and asks if we want something to drink one of us is going down on the other lol wont reveal who was doing who!

7.Some Club in ocean Front [the cave i think]- I was upset about some drama going on and i walked out to the back of the club where they had a bar and seats and it was cold and the guy i was with sat down to talk to me calmed me down and from there one thing let to the other i think people knew wat was going on but no one bothered to put us on the spot...

8.Kids Playground [before my son lol]- Ok yes we were bored we went to the park were hanging out and as you can tell my exhibitionist ass decided to get down and dirty on the slide and again it was winter so no one was there

9.Movie theatre [while pregnant]- The movie mirrors we tried during ungfu panda but who would think so many friggin parents would go there with their kids so early! so in Mirrors i pulled down my maternity pants and sat on the mr. and as we are going at it this couple [old i might add] turns around and we look stupi but try and play it off lol

10.My friend Kitos House [ i think he could hear us]- we had just come back from the club and we were going to sleep and this guy insisted  on going down so I allowed it and then one thing let to another and that was actually my first time with that guy. but  the door was open and i think he probably heard us since i didnt hear him snoring lol!


  1. You are a brave woman. I need to find someone adventurous enought to try some of these out!

  2. LOL...I can relate to 1,4,9,10! Gah! I think we are sisters lost at birth!

  3. Way too shy to do any of that!

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