Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally Fawk You Friday

Soooooo.... Its Friday Again! Which means time for the Finally Friday Blog Hop!!

 Its also time For Fawk You Friday
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Fawk You to this Damn Minivan OMFG how many things can Possibly go wrong in one car! youre a Bipolar DIVA! You work  you dont work you start then dont start WTF is wrong with you
Fawk You to the Mr. for taking forever to find the ricotta in the grocery store and leaving me waiting at the register only to come back and tell me "I couldnt find it!"
Fawk You to This weather now its freezing outside and raining  im afraid to find out what winter will bring us if this is just Fall!
Fawk You to this damn headache that has my head throbbing for the last 3 days non stop
Fawk You to Myself for not remembering to Buy more Tylenol knowing I have really bad headaches!
Fawk You to the days! Why do you have to go by so Fast I hate the weekends because i work [only saturday BUT STILL] now the mr.s 3 days  off are over and back to work tommorow!
to the stupid Ass Ref who Took all week to post our scores and then when he does puts US down for a Lose and the other team as a WIN WTF!!! I am Furious so we remain in 4th until they Fix it and we Go up to 3rd GEEZ. it was a 1-0 Game cant you keep track of who WON!


  1. I found you on the Thursday Friends & Giveaways blog hop and I followed you via GFC please follow me back Thanks!

  2. Ugh.. headaches suck ass. Hope it goes away soon.

  3. I'm having the same issues with my vehicle. It's older so it's just little things all the time. It's going to "the shop", (my garage) so it will be worked on again this weekend.

  4. I hear ya on the weather..doesn't it feel like we didn't even get a real Fall?? It went from Summer to freezing..HATE IT!