Friday, November 5, 2010

A Night with Just You and Me

    Last Night Wow! I can Honestly say Was a Great Night! The LO did not Nap but even still he was a trooper as we went grocery shopping for dinner and a few other things.(over $200 Worth of little things)

    Well We ended up making A Lasagna TOGETHER i might add! I usually make the traditional Lasagna but yesterday we decided on a White Sauce Chicken Lasagna With Spiniach, and Mushrooms It was delicious the White sauce was a Home made Cheese Sauce  which I loved I wasnt Sure the Mr. Would since well hes doesnt like white sauces But he did a ltttle too much Spiniach but he picked it out.

   I on the other hand Loved the veggies and mY brother was trying to control himself from eating a 3rd piece since hes in training and cant be eating too much late at night (9pm).  After Dinner ( our LO was already Sleeping Because Of the No Nap all Day thing) we went to the Basement to watch a Movie together Quietly Peacefully!  We also Managed some "US" Time while we were at it! Lol. It was a definately a great night! But sadly he goes back to work today and im stuck being frustrated with MY baby boy who LOVES to push My Buttons! and LAUGHS while he does it! Oh well

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