Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 7

25 Days of Christmas
Day 7- Which Do You Prefer giving Or Receiving?
I enjoy Both. It depends who I'm receiving from, some people make me anxious to know while others not so much. The Mr. Gives the best gifts because A.) he knows how to take a hint or 5 lol and B.) He knows me well enough to know what will make me smile, from picking a simple card, to spending 1k on a camera it shows how much he knows me which shows me the love he has for me. My favorite things to receive are thos random little I love you notes and letters I get from time to time, the texts that Say I love you baby just cuz he knows im stressed.

For Christmas, Shopping is exhausting, especially when you spend money on some one who well didnt put as much effort into your gift as you did with theirs. Giving is a great feeling when you see that persons face light up, even if its just a pair of socks a sweater Vest, or some gloves ( like we give my grandpa) it never fails to have him jumping for Joy!  Theyre both rewarding in a way, and I would be a liar if i said I didnt enjoy receiving as much as I enjoy giving!

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  1. Hello I am a new follower from the Tuesday Train blog hop. I liked your post today. I love giving gifts more than receiving because I love to see the pleasure my present can bring. Alas this year the Grinch has banned Christmas and presents but I've bought some for my son anyway!I'm hopping all day as the snow and ice has me trapped again. What a great excuse to meet new people.Do feel free to drop by and follow me if you'd like.
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