Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6

25 Days of Christmas
Day 6- Favorite holiday Memory as a Child?
   I can Remember one specific Christmas, and sometimes I really do wonder How I remember this If i was maybe 2 or 3, but it was a memorable Christmas. It must have been one of the first Christmas' that my parents got so may gifts for us. From the way the story goes it was a hard year for them. Money had been tight bills were late but even still they managed to put up a tree and ( with some help) Managed to have the tree full of presents! We (my sister and I) woke up to find the tree full of Giant sized books like: Little Red Riding hood, Goldilocks and the Three bears, and a few others the only one I really rmeember from back then is Little red Riding hood, but since we still have them stored I know the other names. We received walkie talkies ( one of the things I remember) and this little Brown Bear that remained unamed until  was about 8 and His name is Kelley, god knows why but that is the one piece of that Christmas that is always with me, Even still Kelley makes his way to PR, El Salvador, Bahamas, basically anywhere I go He goes. He is still in pretty good condition a little scruffy but the LO loves it now. and anytime my parents see that bear it never fails that I hear the story of that Christmas, and I'm amazed at the  fact that I remember Few things from that Christmas like the color of our bedding ( purple)  and the Boyish walkie talkies, Lol.

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