Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally a day off

  Finally a day off, but sadly the Mr. has to be at work tonight. I miss the Sundays when he had off. Damn schedule changes. Finally got some time to be with my Mr. without our Monster, who right now is at church with my aunt and my cousins. Hope he is enjoying his children classes, and being at church. If he behaved I will surely be sending him again next week.
    Now what did we do with our free morning? Lol nothing out of the ordinary just alot less stress. Sort laundry, clean up, spend a little time together, and relax. We are still here enjoying our time but soon enough we will get the call that they are home and we have to go pick him up so we can make it back in time for his nap time.
    My work week has been Nothing but stressful and hoping this will be my last week working, and that the other workers come back!
    The Mr. ( god willing) will be getting a job in a new Government Building, where his schedule wont vary. he will have a set 10-6 M-F thank god, we are waiting on one more call and was said to be made Monday or Tuesday If not he will be calling back by Wednesday to check up. This will be great until... well we will leave that for later news.. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday as much as I am enjoying mine.
    In other news, I still cant believe that My Teenie Tiny Baby boy turned 23 months yesterday ( you can read his 23 Months post HERE). I am so heart broken after going through thousands of his pictures and knowing that he is no longer my baby, although I grab him and cradle him like my little baby and rock him back and forth as I sing to him and tell him hes my little baby! He loves that! Next month he turns 2! Wow! no Idea what we will even do. On his actual birthday maybe a cake and a trip to CEC with just him and the 2 cousins, and as far as his birthday party that might have to wait till February or late January.

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. You have thousands of pictures too HAHA?!?! I don't even know how many thousands of pictures I have of my daughters!