Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 days of Christmas {Day 11}

25 Days of Christmas
Day 11- How do You decorate your Christmas Tree?
Well this year we have not bought a christmas tree yet, sadly. but normally, we use alot of colors. and last year we decided to by an ornament for our LO for his first Christmas, which was a cookie Monster. this year it will probably be something Toy story related. If we do not buy a large tree ( since we are at my moms) I will just decorate a small Teenie Tiny tree for him with these cute toy story ornaments found on Toys R Us . com. So instead of one Ornament this Christmas he will get the whole set and every year we will add to his Collection. My main reason for having a Tree is for him. My parents always had one for us, and I want to do the same

BTW Happy 23 Months to My LO

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