Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 ( Last Post for 2010)

 With Just Under 20 minutes left of 2010 I decided I would write a quick post.

Best Things in 2010
Online Friends

     Traveling Around was one of the best things we experienced in 2010 wether it was Job related or Just for fun, it was definately a great experience. Being closer to Family makes our list because it has definately made tough times easier, and of course money more money means more things, less debt also means more things, getting rd of some debt was probably one of the best things because what ever income we get goes directly to us and not to creditors, I am glad we were able to finally pay off most of our creditors. Sex has been great this year maybe its more creativity, or what ever the case it is Great!
Meeting some of the best friends online this Year whom I can confide in about everything is definately a great thing, although I have not met them they have definately made my Life easier, having some one to talk to ( Katie and Ashley especially), Ashley This is our year! I just Know it! ( yes a shout out to you even though you just creep by my blog and never comment... Whenever you see creeper Im talking about you lol J/K) . There has been little to know drama in 2010 Stalkers have kept their distance to where I know they are there but don't really annoy me so It was a good year for me.

Worst Things in 2010

Moving is a hassle, having to move so much with the Mr. job and not knowing where we are going to live is definately a pain in the ass. Family although helpful can also be very stressful  and annoying! and Money begining our year we were tight things got better and as the year went on we hit little financial bumps with the cars traveling and what not but always managed with savings and such things. our cars suck and need to get their ass beat How the hell does an 03 go bad??? any ways last but not least Almost everyone in my Family has become pregnant. Young ones becoming moms barely out of or still in High school.

Well Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011
( the cops just pulled up and talked to the Mr outside LMAO I wonder why)

Happy NEW YEAR yall!

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  1. Happy 2011! I wish you lots of happiness, laughter and love. xo