Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011 (First Post for 2010)

   New Years Day 2011! I can Honestly say this year has started out Just Right! Although I had to work, and it started off slow the bussiness surely picked up and I made Bank! With Tips and Hours of pay the average hourly pay comes out to $30 and some change, I ain't complaining!

   Now I am at home relaxing, before I go to bed, and  have to do it all over again!  This year I am looking forward to traveling, enjoying my financial freedom, meeting a few new people, taking a new cosmetology class, and taking a mixology class. The plan this year was to conceive baby #2 so baby would be born in 2012, our plans have changed since well I am not ready for another one. Having this one makes me want to have my tubes tied! With everything we already have going on, and everything I still need/want to do, things are just easier if we hold off. School starts again in a few, BLEGH So not looking forward to it.

   We have so much planned for this year, and the end of the year I am already awaiting Decemeber 2011! Traveling will be the best part of it all!

   Last night we spent our night at home, we had family ( alot) and friends come Welcome the NY with us, It was crazy, some drinking, Dancing, fireworks, Food, and ending the night some of that "Good Good"

                  Hope Everone had a great NYE and a relaxing NYD!

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