Monday, January 3, 2011

Blah Blah Blah Just Rambling bout nothing!

   Since the New Year started, things have been going fairly well, with the exception of being overly frustrated and wanting to be in our own place RIGHT NOW! Which of course doesn't seem possible until February.
Toys, Toys, Toys!!!
   As I stated before I was given the opportunity to accept and review two products from EdenFantasys, and well FINALLY they arrived today! I guess they shipped them both out on the same day... Hmm Not sure why but they Did. The Mailman came later than usual! Of course he would, its because i was actually awaiting his arrival. When he did arrive I went downstairs to receive both my packages, one was a small square box, and the other was a larger rectangle one. The monster saw mommy grab scissors to tear off the tape and he runs to find his little teenie tiny screw driver to go ahead and open the smaller box. Needless to say he managed to open his box first! In my defense mine was taped down ontop of being already glued.

   To My surprise one was smaller than I expected but still a decent size, and the Other box contained 2?!?! I was like Hmm is there a mistake? Nope Not sure why I got two products in one But i will take it! It is a full set of Purple things! I would have personally prefered Pink But purple is not too shabby!

    Cant wait to Try these things out, they all seem great! Reviews will be up sometime next week.
Birthday #2!
    The Monsters 2nd Birthday has Yet again snuck up on me! We had originally planned on doing a Yo Gabba Gabba theme at a rec center  and renting a bounce house and having the kids go swimming at the rec center, But seeing How Lo has changed his Mind and is now "Shrek", "Kung Foo Panda", and especially "Toy Story 3" Obssessed we will go with one of these themes.
   We Had is Party At "Chuck E Cheese" For His First Birthday, cause god knows I dont want a bunch of kids running around a house, and I am in charge of keeping them busy! But "Chuck E Cheese" ( after our last visit) became a nightmare, when LO wouldnt sit still and we had to chase him down all over the place, Needless to say I cannot throw a party chase him down and take pictures too!  So we went on to our next Idea a Kids Gym ( gymboree, Monkey Bussiness, My Gym, Etc) the price was reasonable, and I was all for it, they play the games, sing, dance, I take the food, cake, they serve it and we sit there and watch! But the games and songs and other crap are going to be age restricted to pretty much his age maybe up to age 5, so how much fun would that be for any one older that I might include, I mean my little cousins have to go... So right now we are debating on 2 locations which pretty much are the same thing Just different prices, ages, and packages, ones further But I like it better so once the mr. and I decide I can put down the deposit for the end of this month. Monsters Birthday is Next Tuesday, and on his actual birthday we usually Just cut his birthday cake with family ( close family).

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