Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Fawk You Friday for 2011

My Fist Fawk You Friday of 2011! I guess I have not had much to Bitch about thus far, so onto My Fawk yous for the week.

Fawk you Snow/Ice/Freezing rain, whatever the fuck is causing slippery roads, fucktards to crash, people driving into ditches, and traffic, Fawk YOU! geez how many times this winter will you leave and come back only to fuck with our head thinking its done no more, Now I hear more is due to come tonight when the damn Ice on my driveway hasnt even yet melted?!?

Fawk You to this motherfucking mechanic! Oh Em GEE!! seriously I just picked up the car Saturday and on my way home the temperature gauge starts reading that the car is overheating, why?!?! I have no damn Idea We had just paid the mother fucker to change the radiator (which I saw no receipt for the part), to have the blinkers fixed only to find that he fixed the blinkers but fucked up the hazard lights. yea he WILL fix that and then that will be my last trip there God!

Fawk You AF 4 days since she was due and the bitch FINALLY shows her damn face! Oh Em Gee was I freaking out!

Faw You to The Mr.'s job. Seriously, How do you fuck up his paycheck?!? now i have to wait on that damn money that went missing last week. and also the fucking ridiculous schedule! Which leads me to...

Fawk You Traffic! My poor Mr. bareley gets any sleep! He is up by 4:30 and out the house by 5AM only to get home almost at 5pm but hes only getting paid for about 8-9 of those hours

Fawk You to the little Monster! GEEZ what is with you this week! we have been fine, and dealing with eachother and you have been sleeping great till after 8 but this week ( and any week that im sick or tired due to AF) you decide to be a even bigger pain in the ass! Mommy loves you cookie, Just take it easy on mommy during week 4! 7 days from today starts week 1 and you can be a pain in my ass all you want!

Any ways thats all the Fawk Yous I have Hop on over to My Mad Mind and Link up and also read every one elses Fawk Yous!

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  1. Newest follower, hope you can stop by and say hello and become a loyal reader.
    Stay Fabulous

  2. a great fawk you for the first of 2011!

  3. I cannot deal with the snow and ice...I literally will not leave home until it's gone!

    Smooches lover!

  4. lovin lovin lovin your blog! keep up the good stuff!