Friday, February 18, 2011

Green, Navy Blue, orange, Royal Blue, red, and Black??? WTF

Exactly what he was wearing NO JOKE!  

Ok, Any time I go any where i always question some peoples choice in clothes. From the Little skinny older lady who wears some Really short Tight bike shorts in one of my dance classes and always revealing her right ass cheek without realizing it, to this one average sized chick who cant seem to grasp the concept of wearing gym attire that will allow the sweat to dry quickly but instead wearing some Light grey semi spandex semi cotton Leggings that after a 30 minute work out on the elliptical, treadmill, or stairmaster leaves her Pussy area, and ass looking like she fucking peed! I mean if you know you sweat that much Why not wear Black? or a god damn diaper!

   Well Yesterday I head over to the Gym before My dance Class, I was going with My cousins and My brother happend to be there, I mean I saw a huge group of people we recognized, to say the least it just seemed like a damn family reunion taking up all the damn machines!  Well I spot one chick Killing it on the elliptical, Props to her since she was a bit on the bigger side. BAD Choice of wardrobe! and I do Mean bad. I mean the shirt was a little tight which By all means if you feel good then wear it shorts were tight too, BUT to make matters worse a little short, What killed it was her ass hanging out of it! I mean it looked like one of My Freshmen cheerleading shorts that I tried squeezing into my late sophmore and early junior year ( wasnt gonna happen unless I wanted people to think I was out and about in underwear), After that Disaster I later spot some Fucktard who for some reason couldn't Match anything he was wearing if his life depended on it or was fucking color blind. ( I have a pic of this guy) I mean Im over here on the treadmill and all I can see and think about is Why in the world this guy would leave the house like that! THE WHOLE TIME THATS ALL THAT WAS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD!  He finally hops off the treadmill in front of me and cleans up his machine and i was like FUCK i wanted to get a picture well luckily he went to do another machine, but as he passes by infront of me and I can see his front side, Not only is his Outfit ridiculous his FUGLY shorts are motherfucking Boxers! with Button and all WTF! Since when Does Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, orange, Black, and Red go together?! I mean Maybe if youre going somewhere dressed as a mother fucking rainbow! He looked so confident! More Power to him.  Horizontal Stripes on Both his shirt and Boxer shorts! The shirt was Green with Navy blue Lines, shorts looked like he borred something from fred flinstone and was black and orange, His Bright royal blue head/sweat band definately stood out, and as I pass this poor guy ( before I creep behind him to take a picture) i get an Eyeful of his ridiculous clownlooking red shoes. They looked like bowling/clown shoes!

   I mean I dont always look My best when I leave the house, Hell there Are days when I just roll out of bed put my hair in a bun brush my teeth and head out in a sweater leggings and flip flops, But I atleast make sure my colors match!

  Well any ways its Friday and that means I am relieved of my parental duties for the next 3 days! ( Did I mention the Mr. has a 3day weekend!) I will be free from 4:30pm this afternoon until 7am Tuesday Morning, sounds like heaven on earth to me after the week this Monster has been giving me, Its like he knows when Mommys Bitch of a friend is coming to visit so mommys moody and he wants to test her limits!

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