Tuesday, February 22, 2011


   Well, I have been Slacking on my Blog Mainly due to My hectic Schedule. With Work, School, Evening Activities, Dance classes, and being with My monster, there just doesnt seem to be enough time for all of it. Now to make Matters even more complicated I have to work around all of it while trying to move in the next 2 weeks.
   I will Be taking a Blogcation, Until I am done with the Move and make the time to Blog like I used to.  We went House hunting yesterday and fell Inlove with every place! Now the only conflict is deciding which one would best suit us, But mainly our baby Boy, since Our living situation right now has had Our son and Myself stressed out, because of lack of space, or the freedom for him to roam about and do what he wants to ( since this is not our house and My family is ANAL about everything).
   All the places we saw were reasonably priced so that doesnt help in narrowing it down for us. I guess We will have to discuss it this week and decide before Sunday so The Mr. and I can  get to moving hopefully by March 7th the Latest.
   Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their February, and I am def Looking forward to March! We will Be getting our Own Place again, now that The Mr.'s Job has decided to keep him Local for the next year and maybe transfer him next year. I am sick and tired of Moving so I hope he stays here for atleast another 2 years. To finish out our March We hae our Anniversary comming Up, so it will be real nice to have our own Place to celebrate.

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