Friday, April 1, 2011

Fawk You Friday!

   Friday Finally! Besides the Usual reasons for Loving Fridays ( the week is over, no traffic, Hubby is home) It is also time for me to Bitch and moan about all the BS that has happened this week! Don't worry you can too!  Just hop on Over to Christy's or Boobies page and Link Up. I also love Fridays Cause I get out the house and go to work.... I know I know who really wants to go to work... Well I LOVE cash and after being cooped up in a house all week... Ill gladly go to work!
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Lets begin Shall we:

Fawk You:
1.To Alamo! For your BS rental requirements.

2.To this childs new eating habbits where he doesn't want anything, and is driving me insane tryna make sure he eats atleast something so he doesn't starve to death

3.To the Mr. who seems to think we have an invisible maid and the house SOMEHOW gets clean and his clothes gets neatly folded and hung up by itself!  And for having the nerve to question what I do all day when ever he gets mad that I bitch at him for not helping out! I REPEAT! WE DO NOT HAVE A FLIPPING MAID! YOUR WIFE CLEANS UP THE HOUSE DEALS WITH THE MONSTER AND DOES YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY!

4.To The small paycheck we will receive Today!

5. To spending almost 60 bucks on a Plan B Pill, all because the Fucktard Mr. Had an accident! ( the First one EVER!!!)

6.To 3 years of marriege! Seriously is that all its been? It feels like alot Longer, hell this last 2 weeks have felt like at least 6 months

7.To gaining 5 lbs! OMG seriously I need to get out this house 5 pounds from being home, no gym , no work, no outings?!?

8. To Not having a car!

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  1. Wow! You do have a list! And I definitely understand about the Mr. issues. I've been doing this too long.