Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday and things are starting to look up!

With the dreaded last 2 days of misfortune, I am glad it ended with just 2 days. besides driving around for 4 hours since 4:30 am and the lack of sleep, I would have to say Wednesday has so far been an OK day.

I am hoping this week just gets better, I will have to pull a few extra shifts since well alot of money is going into a flippin rental car about 700 and some change before taxes a Month. so yes Until we fix a car or get another that is the only option....

Not really Upset I have learned to deal with what life throws at me, and nothing I do will change the fact that the cars are both messed up and well I can't turn back time so no looking back just looking forward.

Heading out to grab a quick lunch pick up my mr. and pick up our rental!

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