Friday, April 8, 2011

Fawk You Friday!

I had nothing to bitch about till the Mr. Came home and said "Bad News"! FUCK! What Happened?? "I'M on Furlough Till Further Notice".... Well thats what we get for him working for the Government, although it seems to be that most people believe that the military is the only ones affected by this, There are way More people affected by this Shutdown. I honestly did not expect it to Affect the Mr. and had just finished reassuring family and friends taht it would not, only to have him come home and share this shit with me. What is going on is ridiculous, The Military should not have to lose pay and continue to work?!?! The Mr. Will not get paid and will not work! UGH Oh well  As long as this BS isnt permanant we will be good for a bit.... Hope they make up their damn Minds and well FUCK YOU CONGRESS... Why aren't they taking pay cuts?!?!

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