Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, its because of Plan B!

    Well This weekend ad the time AFTER the Plan B pill has been hell I mean i took it Thursday and I got very tired and a little nauseous. Saturday Morning I wake up Nauseous like there was no tomorrow! Now Sunday Morning its Far worse. From what I understand these symptoms are supposed to typically last about 2 days... But  it would be too early to tell if  i was pregnant and Thank god too soon to have symptoms... Right?!?! right! What killed me all day Saturday and most of Saturday Nigt trying to sleep have been my Breasts OMG are they  having some major tenderness! OUCH! Its all those damn Hormones  and what not,. Geez I dont remember all of this from 4 years ago.... or maybe it was just that I didn't have a 2 year old who thinks mommy is his personal jungle Gym... Hmm that Must be It... Well Hopefully all this subsides SOON...

     On a more positive Note, we got approved for a carloan for a car we want.... but have a deposit booo! Mainly because we still have a financed car lol! but what ever the deposit is less then getting the other 2 cars fixed.... I will be interviewing this week for a fulltime position with a Government company which Pays 39k a year which is great. Ony thing I am debating is whether I shoul actually work, how will Monster react to being in daycare.    Mr. Is about to switch over to a new department in a few weeks which also means a schedule change... But  as always a pay increase will be a part of it... by ALOT.... so  only problem I see is where we are supposed to spend all that money?!? Just Kidding I am sure I can find a few things, and alot into savings! Jaydens 3rd Birthday  is something we have been planing for since before he was born and We think he will be old enough for this kind of party

   Hope every one enjoys the rest of their weekend! I know I will most definately try!

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