Friday, April 22, 2011

Fawk You friday!

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This Weeks List Well ....

Fuck You to:

The weather. Its nice and hot enough for shorts and a light t-shirt on Wednesday, Thursday all nice and sunny with  a cool breeze and Now that the weekend arrives it is cold, and wet looking, Like its going to rain, and very cloudy... I'll be damned if you ruin my Easter Sunday!

Guys! I mean seriously, Some niggas have such a huge ego that it is Ridiculous. and others have no shame! Why would you try ad pursue a married woman, let alone disrespecting her husband by calling texting or staking her on FB. Yea that just shows how little respect you have for others.

This Damn House! I will have 1 Last Attempt to get you all spic and span and after that, what ever is Out of place is going straight to the Freakin Trash! I have no patience for this!

The Little Mr. Him and his damn toys... Imma lock them all up or throw them out and leave him with 1 BALL and he can learn to use his imagination! he doesnt play with them anyways just  scatters them around the house and  while mommy is busy cleaning that up hes some where destroying some of mommys things!

This damn Job! Seriously... I submit my resume on a friday, Tuesday i get a call to set up an Interview, Thursday I have the Interview, friday I get a call to  verify references, Tuesday i get a call to they call to offer me a job pending my drug test, wednesday  drug test comes back, Wednesday/Thursday My Background paperwork goes out, and 7-9 days Later TODAY no information on My background check! seriously! WTF! I am Annoyed! I have daycare lined up, and I am hoping I dont Lose my spot!  Giving it till Wednesday and then I officially say FUCK YOU to this job.

The Mr. This week has not been our week.  Decisions have been made, and frustration has built up. But in the end its always a good way to get Extra sex LMAO....

My C-section Scar... How in the Hell does it start bleeding  after 2 years. I had a kid 2 years ago and all of a sudden it wants to rip and start bleeding!? WTF is going on!

Any ways Enjoy your friday, I know I will. Hubby and I have alot planned for our little Man this weekend!


  1. Wow! That's crazy, I hate waiting around for people to get their crap together. Oh and my kids do the same thing. Just drag their toys out and not play with them then expect me to put them away. Try to have a good weekend.

  2. Definatey Babe! I plan on Enjoying this weekend! Lots of easter Fun planned with my two guys, Oh and a side of work Lol! Have a great one babe!

  3. Good luck on the job thing. I think they love to let folks hang....then, when they finally get around to you, you're supposed to be all "oh thank you thank you. I'm so honored to have the chance". LOL Fawk them. They are lucky they found you.

  4. Thanks boo! i was already offered the job they sent out My BG check and security clearance to a 3rd party or what ever so yea It came back finally and it was because alot of my info could not be found electronically so they had to find it manually and well YAY i start Monday I was getting mad I have to call his day care center to make sure hes still eligible to go!

  5. Congrats on getting the job! I always hated waiting around for BG checks.

    I feel ya on the damn toys. So to curb the massive horde I have a rule. Every eight months or so the girls must go through their toys and decide what they do and don't play with. The things they don't get donated to a needy family. (Usually this is done around birthday's or holiday's). They really get into the sharing with others.

    Here's hoping it doesn't rain on Sunday.