Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guys Listen up!

   Ok seriously. Some niggas have a HUGE ego! I mean an ego Bigger than My ASS! No joke.  Try and be nice and  help a Lonely friend, try and take him out Nigga wants to act like You pressed on his nuts... For 1 You look like porkey the pig!  No offense to my Big Boys, mama aint shallow, and the Nigga aint even fat its his face that looks Like Porky! so any ways.  Ask a Dude what hes doing and nigga wants to act like you tryna go chill. Dude Sorry im just bored and curious, I have plans. I aint sitting around Hoping You wanna chill.  At best you a back Up! Any whoo Its Thursday Im Thirsty, and Gonna try and get the Girlies Out for Happy Hour and then a night out of Craziness! Ill leave yall with a few helpful hints:
  1. We are FRIENDS! Just because I'm a Flirt doesn't mean I wanna Suck your dick or fuck you!
  2. In No way does "Why are you texting me?" mean "Hey thanks for the text baby!"
  3. An ignored text Does in No way shape or form mean, keep texting me till I break and get a restraining order/ block your ass, and sure as hell doesn't mean call me
  4. Just cuz I dont reply to a text within 2 minutes of receiving it doesnt mean i'm ignoring you, I HAVE A LIFE, so please don't call me asking WHY i didn't reply...
  5. Just Cause I wanna Hang out doesn't mean I'm Into you.
  6. A hug is not an open Invitation to cop a cheap feel.
  7. "Hanging Out" is not a date, so I'll pay my own way thanks! ( considering I am Married)
  8. "What are you doing Today" does not mean, I'm tryna make plans with you.
  9. Sweetie, Babe, Hun, Etc. does not mean Im tryna holla, If I was Then that would also inclued Doll face, baby girl, Wifey Etc ad I am in no way tryna get with my girl/guy friends

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