Thursday, April 28, 2011


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Nothing really worth bitching about but will add some minor irritating things

Fawk You to:

-My sons eating habbits, i am beyond worried about his health and every visit to his Dr. gets brushed off as He's normal he's just a picky eater! well this Saturday for his visit I am demanding bloodwork for anemia, parasites, and anything else that could be wrong with my little man!

-Daycares! ugh I knew there was a reason why I don't like play dates schools, and childreans playgrounds/playareas!  GERMS! Omg its like they want to share their goodies... Little man is sick! geez! on top of his regular HORRIBLE eating habbits now he doesnt even want his milk! Thank goodness its the weekend so Mommy can take care of her baby!

-Early Mornings! Not as bad as i thought it would have been, but 4:30am is early for Little man! hes been going into some sleep coma everynight! My poor baby....

Its a Half day at work with a Pizza For Lunch and a ompany Bowling Party afterwards! Its definstely a Great way to end My first work week. If little man is feeling better than we will have a day out Saturday to Enjoy this nice weather we've been having... Hope Everyone enjoys their weekend...

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