Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Job Update

Work has been great couldn't be happier... well I probably could if the mr. would be home with Lo and working a different shift... but since thats not the case then I have to deal with this day care bull shit... He did great both days, although mommyes heart is breaking... No one knows how to deal wth him like I do, get him to eat, or know what to feed him...

Took my FDCPA training, and test yesterday after studying and scored 100% and Today I Got to bore myself for several hours reading studying and then finally doing the Training for HIPPA. Finally took the test which i finished fairly quickly and passed with a 98% I was kinda madmostly cuz that one was a trick question! well I will be doing my last training tommorow.

I broke down 2 times today in tears... I cant handle being away from my man. this morning when we dropped him off at 5am and hubs said he almost started crying! and the 2nd after we picked him up and she told me he wasnt eating! ugh my heart aches.... im hoping the mr.s request to transfer shifts goes through so he can do the 4pm to the 12 pm shift so Lo can stay home with him and mommay can have piece of Mind.. My first paycheck 05.13.2011 im excited... i get paid salary so i already know what my check will be reading plus commission..

Have a great week yall

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