Friday, April 15, 2011

Fawk You Friday!

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To start Things off Lets Vent This Friday Morning! This week hasn't Been too Crazy Not much to Bitch about really.

Fuck You to:

My sister who decided to hit PMS mode this morning and start bitch texting me since 8am... Really?!?! you had no work to do??? And I was your FIRST CHOICE! ok thanks but no thanks

My Indecisive-Ness I went in Monday to get a car left with a white honde civic and decided NO i want the grey one talked to the dealer they said theyd trade it if not we could just finance another ok fine cool deal we make enough what ever.... Later that night I decided on a dark blue one instead But when I get there Wednesday It was ugly the gray was too pricey and well We were just going to leave with what we had and then I start getting all fidgity and Well ok we left with a Nice Blue Honda Civic...  Yea I have issues the Mr. Just kept staring at me like OMG seriously woman What happened to trading IN... no one said ISh bout Financing another one LMAO Oh well Leave my Blue baby alone!

Kids! OMg why do they not come with a warning label on their back! WARNING: YOUR HOUSE WILL NEVER BE CLEAN AGAIN! Atleast not for Long!

Husbands There should be soething in the traditional wedding vows about their lack of organizational skills seriously "in sickness and in health??" hell I can handle that what about  "Through Messiness, and Laziness!" Say what??? yea oh ok I cant  Go home everyone Lol!

Daycare/Preschool Hunting! OMG how do you know That you are sending your kid to the right school? the right daycare... Is it better to send them to a bigger one or a smaller one? I have no clue but im tired of meeting with FAKE happy people that pretend to be interested in the needs of my child and changing their  previous statement to make me happy.... Hmmmm decisions decisions

Cleaning and Cleaning and NEVER seeing this place clean WTF!

That song By Rebecca Black, Although that song is ridiculous, and annoying I have made it My official Friday Morning Song! I will wake up on Friday ( like I did Today) and Listen to it.. Lol makes my morning. My BFF L.C and I  laugh together...

ANy Ways... Hope this weekend Goes by SLOWLY and that I enjoy it. For now Its back to cleaning and HOPING AND PRAYING the house will make it this way through the weekend... ( FAT CHANCE)

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