Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Post!

    Wow 1 year ago today My Cousin Gave birth tho Landen Tristiano! I cannot believe its been a year! 1 year since the Mr. decided to change his job permanantly after getting out of the Navy, a year since we took our Month long Vacay Tryna decide if we were ready to relocate for his new job Position ( which thankfully allowed him to stay here) and a year of endless happiness ( unless he pisses me off) with the cousins and our son watching them all play together!
1 month old

11 months and some change
Party pics from today to come  later after the party!
Happy Birthday Landen (You're not Teeny Tiny no More)

     And a Belated Happy Birthday to our Hawaiin Princess Giselle Juliana ! She is Now 4 years old! she arrived 8 weeks early struggled just to eat, breathe, and even move! I remember her at my wedding almost 1 year old and then when I had my son at almost 2 then when my little man turned 1 she was almost 3 and now hes 2 and she is 4! These years have flown by, feels like just yesterday we were praying every second for her little life, worried of every little thing that might possibly go wrong, now we worry bout her sassiness, and in just a few more short years im sure our worries will shift to , dating concerns, boyfriends, make up, clothes, and even sex! Wow lets back it up shes only 4! lol
Happy Belated Birthday Giselle!(little Miracle Baby)
Some Party Pics from last weekend

Jayden just arrived in his palm Tree Polo saying hello to G!

Getting ready to slide down the Moon Bounce!

Ok this I dont think he was supposed to be playing with But Jayden doesnt believe in rules! and the other kids followed

Time for a haircut lol cant see his face!

My princess and all her gifts!

 My Jayden and My Landen!

    Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my Grandpapa! who turned 66 yesterday ( 6/10/11)! He got a Kidney Transplant Many years ago and they gave him 10 years to live, but my Grandpapa has been living strong for much longer than 10, and god willing many more years to come! Feliz Cumplea~os Papa!

Grandmama, P, and GrandPapa

3 Layer  Ice Cream Cake ( Cake, Vanilla Ice cream, and more cake) Yum! melted fairly quickly!

And as for us... We will be Continue to enjoy our Saturday morning! Got the Day off because I cannot seem to stop coughing up my Lungs! (post Nasal Drip.... HORIBBLE) Omg! Work this week was unbearable because I could not even talk to people on the phone without muting it to cough! So hoping that I am better by Monday for my FT I decided to Take Today off from the PT since I worked a Night shift last Night and was isolated to bed for the majority of last weekend for fever and the inability to swallow ( atleast till I was all hopped up on  tylenol and advil to take little man to the party!). So after doing some much needed House work its off to the mall to Spend some of this Much accumulated money thats been burning a hole in my bank account! oh and to get little man a hair cut ( OH NO!... lol his words not mine!) Yesterday was a double Pay Day (hubs weekly check and my bi-weekly) so... i think some good shopping is in order, need a few things around the house, and a few things that  might just happen to make their way in to my shopping cart at the mall! lol Have a great weekend!

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