Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday off

    Besides Last Saturday, I have not had a Saturday off in over 3 Months! Last weekend I was sick in bed with a fever struggling to swallow, so needless to say It was not a very enjoable day, except when Little man and I went out for lunch and I was all Hopped up on Advil Tylenol Hydrocone and god only knows what else I decided to self medicate with!

     Today was a long overdue GREAT DAY! Little Man and I Cuddled All morning and slept in, as the Mr. finished his Sleeping on the couch, because little man is just too annoying to sleep with. After Breakfast we all headed out for Lunch to the mall and ate at the food Court, before heading over to Kids Cuts to chop off Jaydens Fro! Poor thing they ended up cutting too much and made him look like an old lady with a bad perm LMAO still a little cutie!
Little Mans Before and After shots!

       We did some much needed shopping , Hit up the Make up store for mommas needs and The kids Toy store for a last minute birthday Party gift, and since I was too lazy to walk across the madd to walmart settled for target and went shopping for things we needed at home! Picked up a $5 shirt for little man to wear since well they get dirty at these parties.

   We made it to Landens Birthday Party Fairly Late after the rain had started but the kids didnt seem to mind bouncing in a wet moon bounce, and the guys keep grilling outside, and the drinkers still sat on the patio and drank! Jayden had a blast. Hubby Stayed home but I enjoy My days alone with little man! tommrorow its back to work the Pt and Monday God willing I will be feeling much better and I can work peacefully! hope everyone had a great day and continues to have a great weekend!

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